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How To Print With OnePlus 6

Being able to send a file from the OnePlus 6 device is particularly a cool and useful trick. Once you know how to do this, then you will be able to view all types of file and also to have them printed. It is very simple to print from the cell phone and therefore you don’t need to transfer files to the computer. In this document we share the tips for printing from a mobile phone and we will also checkout what you require to print from the phone.


What You Should Have To Print From OnePlus 6 Cell Phone

To begin with, you need a Wi-Fi /Bluetooth Printer so as to be able to print from the OnePlus 6. If you are missing either of these, you will then not be able to print from cell phone. If you already have a Wi-Fi printer, you need to make sure it is on the same connection with the phone. Proceed to the next step once you have these conditions met.


How To Print Files On OnePlus 6

You should open the Settings on your phone, select advanced settings and then click on print. Add a service once you are on the print view. Automatically, you will be redirected to download a Google Play Store Service. Choose the application that suits your printer and have it installed and then activate it. To activate the service, move the toggle to read ON. Now once you are done, select the document that you need to print and tap on the print option. The Printer should now show up whenever you make choices.

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