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How to Put OnePlus 6 in Silent Mode (Priority Mode)

If you own the new OnePlus phone you might which to find out how to activate the phones silent mode on OnePlus 6. Before you get started, take note that the silent mode was renamed to priority mode. Therefore on the android you will realize that instead of silent mode you have the priority mode on OnePlus 6.

The priority mode might seem hard to understand compared to the silent mode. However, learning it will come to be very useful. This is because the priority mode makes it possible to enjoy flexibility while you are using the applications or when your contacts are trying to reach you. Here is an illustrative guide showing how you should use the Priority Mode on OnePlus 6.


How To Setup Priority Mode On OnePlus 6

The volume button allows you to simply set the priority mode on OnePlus 6. All you need to do is press the volume button and select priority once a popup comes on the screen. There are different options that will be displayed on the screen. You can adjust to these whenever you need. A star icon appears on the notification view whenever the OnePlus 6 is about to switch. In this mode, only the apps and contacts with permission will be allowed to notify you. You will receive other calls, messages from other contacts, updates and other notifications but there will be no noise until you deactivate the OnePlus 6 Priority Mode.


How To Control Apps Within Priority Mode On OnePlus 6

Individual applications can be controlled when the phone is on Silent Mode in One Plus 6. To do so, open the notifications and sound screen and then select the apps notifications. Now, tap on the apps toggle to switch the app to the priority mode. This is a good option since you aren’t blocking anything that you don’t want.


How To Modify OnePlus 6 Priority Mode Options

Select the COG icon which appears whenever the priority mode is active to make changes on the options available. Here you will be able to alter occurrences, the reminders, the calls, and also the messages. In addition, you can define the contacts from who you want to be notified when they call. In addition, the Priority Mode allows users of the OnePlus 6 to select the timings when the feature should be activated. This includes the specific days, the actual start and end times.


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