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How To Record Calls On OnePlus 6

There are various circumstances when you will find call recording to be handy. This includes when you need to re-listen to the recorded clip or may be when you need to retain the recorded conversation. For whatever reasons why you need to record, it is always a practical thing. However, your original OnePlus device doesn’t have the recording feature and therefore a third party app will be needed. In this article we cover the process for recording calls and we will also see the laws that govern recording of phone calls.


OnePlus 6 Call Recording Procedure

Out of the several Apps that allow phone call conversation recording, we have chosen Enregistreurdappel app based on how simple to use it is and the effectiveness. First, download the app and install it on your phone. Now, you can open the application and checkout the constraints on the display located on the right side to the top. These allow you to switch on and off the conversation recording. Select whether to record a conversation or not to record it.

From the same constraints you can be able to choose to record incoming or outgoing calls. Also, you can list the numbers that you don’t want to record conversations for. Lastly, it is possible to set a password that controls access to the application. With the above procedure completed, then you will be able to record all the calls as per the set parameters. Checkout the tab labeled File Location to see where you can access the recorded files from.


Telephone Conversation Recording Regulations

It is important to review what the law actually says about call recording before you activate this feature on your phone. As per the law, you need to notify the person involved in the conversation that you will record the calls. In addition, it is important that the other party agrees to be recorded.

Note that if you intend to use the conversation recorded in court as evidence, then you should have notified the person and he/she agreed to be recorded. Otherwise, your presented clip will be declared null and void.


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