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How To Recover Deleted Pictures On OnePlus 6

For people who have unintentionally deleted pictures on their OnePlus 6 smartphone, here is a detailed explanation on how to recover those deleted images. The right way to get back deleted pictures on OnePlus 6 is by making use of a group of software recovery tools.

These tools are not only good for recovering different but also for others files like text messages and video. Android Data Recovery and Dr Fone for Android are good examples of such tools. Both tools are user-friendly and support nearly of files as well as pictures.


How you can recover deleted images on OnePlus 6

The first thing you have to do before recovering deleted pictures on OnePlus 6 is ensure your data and Wi-Fi is turned off or better still, put the phone into flight mode. This is to forestall you from overwriting or writing on the deleted files. Now, let’s talk about how to get file recovery tools to recover any files you have deleted mistakenly.


How you can recover deleted images from phone

  1. Get Dr Fone for Android app on play store or web
  2. Install the application on your personal computer
  3. Open the software and follow the instructions


You have to connect the smartphone to a computer with a USB cable once the application is opened. Go to developer options to enable USB Debugging mode.

As you click on the developer mode menu, you will see an option to tap to enable debugging mode. Dr Fone software will notify you that Debugging mode is on. Afterward, follow the instructions on the screen and choose the deleted files you will like to restore on OnePlus 6 smartphone..

After the recovery process is finished by Dr Fone app, you will have the opportunity to choose the files you need to restore and then tap the “Recover” button in order to get back the files you mistakenly deleted on your phone.

Hopefully, by using Android Data Recovery tool or Dr Fone app, you’ll be able to recover your deleted pictures.


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