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How To Repair OnePlus 5 IMEI Number Problem

For those that own the new OnePlus smartphone, you may be asking how to repair OnePlus 5 IMEI number problem. This is an issue that some have reported that the IMEI doesn’t work correctly and will need to be fixed to use your One Plus 5 phone again.

The OnePlus 5 IMEI # problem is something that has occurred on older models of the OnePlus and won’t allow owners of the phone to make calls, send texts or use mobile data.

If you’re having this problem, below we’ll be explain how to repair OnePlus 5 IMEI # issue using a couple different ways.


Fix Un-updated firmware

  1. Turn on your phone
  2. Tap on “Apps”
  3. Tap on “Settings”
  4. Tap on “About Device”
  5. Tap on “Software Update”
  6. When the pop-up appears, tap on “Download”
  7. Wait for the download process to finish


Restore and repair null IMEI

  1. Turn on your phone
  2. Get into USB debugging mode
  3. Now go and connect your OnePlus 5 to a computer
  4. Download EFS Restorer Express
  5. Open the software and run EFS-BACK.BAT file
  6. Select a method to restore the EFS via Odin


Once you follow the instructions provided above, you’ll be able to solve the One Plus 5 IMEI # problem. If you continue to have problem then it’s recommended to use an IMEI number check to see that there’s no serious problems with your OnePlus 5.


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