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How To Screenshot On One Plus 5

For those that have just bought the new OnePlus smartphone, you may want to know how to screenshot on OnePlus 5. Similar to previous models of the OnePlus, the process to screen shot on OnePlus 5 is similar.
If you don’t remember or this is your first OnePlus phone, below we’ll explain how you can screengrab on OnePlus 5. The process is not hard and you can do it quickly in just seconds.

Being able to screengrab or screen capture is one of the most useful tricks on a smartphone. All you need to do is press a few buttons at the same time to take a screenshot on One Plus 5.


How to take OnePlus 5 screenshot:

To take a One Plus 5 screenshot, all you need to do is press and hold the volume button and power button at the same time and wait until you hear a shutter type sound. Once you hear the sound, the screen grab has occurred and the putter will show up in your gallery.

A shortcut will also appear on your screen for a short period of time if you want quickly view the screen capture that just occurred. If you don’t want to see it instantly, you can also just go to the gallery and view it later.

It’s also possible to create a custom shortcut icon in the “Quick Settings” of your phone. All you need to do is pull down on the screen and tap on the settings icon. Once you get there, just tap on the screenshot button. Once you’ve tapped the once, you’ll see the shortcut be created.

Once you’ve followed the instructions above, you’ll know how to get a OnePlus 5 screen shot.

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