How To Set Call Forwarding On OnePlus 6

The call forwarding feature is very useful on your OnePlus 6 device. Therefore if you want to be transferring calls to your number directly to another number, then keep reading this guide. This allows you to divert incoming calls made to any number you choose. For instance, you might choose to transfer private phone calls to the office line or vice versa. Here we will share how you can activate call forwarding and see how to deactivate this setting. Later we will checkout the apps that allow call transfer management.


Call Forwarding Setup Procedure

  1. Open the mobile menu
  2. Navigate to the call settings
  3. Click on the additional settings (these options can also be found under the phone menu)
  4. Click on the forwarding call tab
  5. Choose the type of calls you wish to transfer (these could be video or voice calls)
  6. Tap on voice call and different choices will be displayed.
  7. Your calls will be directed to the mail box automatically. Be sure to note the number before you begin making changes to it.


Once completed you need to specify the conditions when the transfer should be done. The options available include: Always Transfer, Transfer only when busy, transfer if unanswered, and Transfer if out of reach.

Once you have set the options and registered the number, the call forwarding feature will have been activated on your OnePlus 6. Test to certify it’s effective.


Deactivating Call Forwarding

You might wish to deactivate a previously set call forwarding feature. Go back to the call transfer menu and remove the tick that enables the transfer. Click on each one of the activated call forwarding and it will be deactivated. Therefore you will no0 longer experience the forwarded calls.


Making Use of apps to allow Call Forwarding on OnePlus 6

There is an application that can be used to activate the call forwarding feature. This application is useful in case you find the previous procedure to be ineffective. A good example of the application that you can use is SMS Call Forward. This application offers the user several other options. For example, you can use the app to set the specific period over which to have the call forwarding activated.

The feature also enables you to transfer text messages. To get started, you need to download and install the application. Set up the appropriate options that enable you to transfer the calls on OnePlus 6. If you like this article, then other tutorial you might also find useful is the one that illustrates the procedure for transferring media files from OnePlus 6 to a MAC device.

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