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How To Set, Edit And Delete Alarm Clock on OnePlus 6

If you bought the OnePlus 6, you might need to learn how you can apply the alarm that comes with the phone. In fact, the OnePlus 6 alarm is great since it can ring you up in the morning and remind you about some of the important events. In addition, the clock can serve as a stop watch so that you can use it even at the gym. The alarm also includes the snooze feature which is great especially for the travelers.

In this guide, we will take you through the procedure for setting the alarm on OnePlus 6; help you learn how you can remove the alarm and also how you can change the alarm settings.


How To Manage Alarm Feature On OnePlus 6

When you need to set up a new alarm, click on the Apps, Then navigate to the Clock and select Create. Now set the following options to your preferences for alarm settings on OnePlus 6.

  • Set the Time: To do this, use the up and the down keys to specify the time when the alarm should go off. Make use of the available toggle to set PM/AM time.
  • Alarm Repeating Mode: you can specify the specific days when you want the alarm to repeat. Tick on weekly so that you setup the alarm to repeat on a weekly basis.
  • Set the Alarm Type: Here, you can specify whether you want to have the alarm vibrate only, sound only, or sound and vibrate
  • The Alarm Tone: you can adjust the Sound that you want to hear whenever alarm goes off
  • The Alarm Volume: allows you to specify how loud the sound should be
  • Snooze: Use the Toggle to adjust between on & off. The interval can be in terms of minutes and you also need to specify the repeat times
  • Name: Customize the alarm. There will be a name displayed whenever your alarm goes off.


How To Set Alarm Snooze On OnePlus 6

If you want o use the snooze on OnePlus 6, make sure it is activated first. Then to make use of the feature, touch the “ZZZ” sign and take it any side.


How To Delete Alarm On OnePlus 6

Whenever you want to do away with an alarm just open the alarm window, the alarm(s) available will be listed here. Select the specific alarm and hold it for a while. If you intend to permanently delete the alarm, tap on the Delete command. You can also use the toggle to switch off the alarm instead of deleting it.

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