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How To Transfer Music To OnePlus 6

You can enjoy listening to music on new smartphones like OnePlus 6. Therefore, the smartphones can be said to have replaced MP3 Player overtime by making it easier the ability to move music and enjoy listening to it. However, for the new OnePlus 6 owners, it might be challenging trying to find and transfer the music.

In this tutorial, we will first cover how you can transfer music. We will also detail the procedure for transferring the music to a MAC device including how to use the World Wide Web connection to transfer music files from OnePlus6.


Procedure for Moving Music to OnePlus 6 from the Computer

If you own a PC, you will find the procedure for transferring music to your OnePlus 6 quiet easy. You need an USB cable to connect your OnePlus 6 to the laptop. Once you have connected the phone to the laptop you then need to locate your OnePlus which will appear like a removable disk.

Open My Computer, open the OnePlus 6 and paste copied music to your phone. It is advisable that you create a new folder so that you can easily find the music transferred on your phone. Use a music files player installed on your phone to play the newly transferred music.


Transferring Music Files from a Mac Device to OnePlus 6

If you are using a MAC computer, you will find that the procedure for transferring music to the MAC is similar to that in windows device. Use the USB charging cable when you need to t6ransfer these music files to the computer. Copy the Music from the MAC folder, and Paste it to the preferred folder in OnePlus 6.


Sending Music Files over the Internet to OnePlus 6 Device

You can use the internet when you need to transfer music. This is basically through the use of applications that allow you to sync the content. This is usually from the computer to the phone. Use the file sharing applications such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

First, you need to determine which of the two apps best suit you, then create an account so that you can be able to transfer the files. Once you have an active account, install the application chosen to your smartphone. Log on the app and transfer the music you want to a folder within the application. Then now you can sync the files to OnePlus 6 device.


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