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How To Turn Data OFF And ON in OnePlus 6

Common doubt for a lot of OnePlus 6 users is can they turn off/on mobile data in order to keep the data usage down. If the user turns off the data for some of the apps such as social networking, emails and any other app you use every day, that will cause the elimination of the need to be connected to the Internet in order to update these apps.

When you’re traveling to another country, we recommend you to turn off Mobile Data on OnePlus 6 and the reason is – you can be charged for using the International data. Of course, turn it off when you’re reaching the monthly limit as well if you don’t want to have extra charges.

For newbies, we’re providing the step-by-step instruction how to turn the mobile data on/off on in OnePlus 6.


How to turn on/off the Mobile Data on OnePlus 6?

It would be a good idea if you turn off your data on OnePlus 6 when you’re not using any app connected to the Internet in order to save data usage. Also, if apps are working and updating in the background constantly, your battery will be dead a lot faster then usual. So, let’s see the instructions:

  1. Drag down the menu
  2. Find Setting icon and select it
  3. Tap on “Data Usage”
  4. Look next to Mobile Data and change the status switch in order to turn OFF mobile data
  5. Tap Ok
  6. In case you want to turn back on the data, do the same thing



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