How To Turn OFF App Auto Updates On OnePlus 6

With many OnePlus 6 users wanting to know how to stop their apps from auto-updating, we thought that you too will find this guide to be useful. In case you haven’t had the time to think about it, allow us to remind you that ignoring what your apps are doing in the background can cost you not only extra mobile data but also a consistent chunk of your smartphone’s battery life. Whether you want to limit all that or you feel the need to better control your apps and the update processes, we have you covered.

Before you argue that auto updates are not such a bad thing, allow us to ease your worries. If this is so important to you, you can keep these updates up and running, with the limitation that your device will be able to download updates only over Wi-Fi. That way, you can be sure that everything will stay up to date without you having to personally check it and, at the same time, you won’t be at risk of exceeding your mobile data plan.

Coming up next, we’ll also share with you the steps required to block the auto update notifications that the Google Play Store keeps pushing. In case you change your mind, you’ll be able to set even stricter rules regarding the updates. Speaking of which, many people are in doubt when it comes to taking this decision.

If you ask us, the choice is all yours, of course, but it all depends on your knowledge and on how much you’d like to be involved in the process. Specifically, if you are new to Android and just a casual smartphone user, uninterested in having to deal with update details, you’re obviously better if you keep the auto updates set to On. If, on the contrary, you are passionate about your smartphone and want to control it in every detail, you’re free to disable this feature.

Just so you know, simply because you turn the auto updates Off on the OnePlus 6, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get to hear about it anymore. While the phone won’t be running updates on its own, it will still let you know when there’s a new update available, for you to decide if and when you want to install it.


Here’s how to set up the auto app updates on OnePlus 6

  1. Turn your phone on;
  2. Launch the Play Store;
  3. Go to its menu – the 3-line icon;
  4. Select Settings;
  5. Select Auto-update apps;
  6. Select one of the two options from there:
    • Automatically update apps;
    • Do not auto-update apps.


Go on and follow these steps. Do not overthink it, just choose one option for now and you can turn back here anytime to adjust your settings. As we told you, the OnePlus 6 will keep informing you about available updates, it’s just the automatic installing that you get to decide on!


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