How to turn off keyboard sound on OnePlus 6

Whenever you touch a key on the OnePlus 6 smartphone, it produces some sound. This sound might be causing some disturbances and sometimes it might be meaningless. Therefore if you would like to do away with the sound so that you can compose a text message even while attending a meeting, then in this guide we will illustrate to you how this can work.

We shall illustrate how you can eliminate the keyboard sound completely. Later we shall look at the different uses of the OnePlus 6 keyboard sound. If you would like to change the sound produced whenever the buttons are pressed, then we will as well illustrate this.


The procedure for Disabling the OnePlus 6 Keyboard Sound

The procedure is actually very simple and direct. Here are the straightforward steps to follow:

  1. Open the OnePlus 6 Settings tab
  2. Click on the Languages tab to open the options
  3. Touch on the originally set keyboard to type in the preferences
  4. Watch out for the sound option on either of the keys
  5. Un tick the sound option box to eliminate the sound completely


Therefore, with these steps you have just eliminated the sounds produced by the keys of the OnePlus 6 keyboard and going forward these sounds will no longer be heard.


What Purpose does the OnePlus 6 Keyboard Noise Serve?

Despite being one of the most annoying sounds, the beep produced by the keyboard is still very useful. Actually, when the keys vibrate the sound made informs the user of the OnePlus Smartphone that there is a command that has been entered into the smartphone. Therefore, this is the only purpose and so if you wish to eliminate the sound, just go forward and complete the action.


How You Can Alter the OnePlus 6 Keyboard Sound

Some users might choose not to eliminate the OnePlus 6 Keyboard beep, but want to change the sound. Note that the keyboard sound actually related to the keyboard you have activated on the OnePlus 6 Smartphone. Thus in case you wish to alter the keyboard sound, changing the keyboard will also change the sound. You can download an alternative keyboard from the Google Play Store and have it installed on the smartphone. After installing the keyboard, ensure that you have activated it from the settings.

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