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How To Turn OFF Keyboard Vibrations On OnePlus 5

The short vibrations that OnePlus 5 makes whenever you touch its keyboard are hard to ignore. Some people like it, others choose to just let it be, and there are users like you who seek the fastest way to turn off keyboard vibrations.

It’s a feature for those who type while looking at anything but the keyboard or the screen itself. Since not too many people do that, you might want to eliminate the annoying vibration cues. And we’ll show you how to do just that.


Long story short, you can’t stand the keyboard vibration on OnePlus 5. To make it stop, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the Menu page, where you have access to all kinds of settings;
  2. Select the Settings menu, to make it to the sound details;
  3. In there, tap on the Sound submenu;
  4. You’ll see a Vibration Intensity option that needs to be selected;
  5. In the window that will open, look for the button at the top left;
  6. Tap on it and you’ll turn off the vibrations.


That’s how you disable the OnePlus 5 vibrations. While you’re there, do not ignore the alert and notifications vibrations either!

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