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How To Turn OFF OnePlus 5 Camera Shutter Sound

You must have noticed that annoying tone sound that your OnePlus 5 camera app makes when you take a picture, right? If you’ve made it here, deliberately searching for a solution to this problem, you must have also tried to deal with it on your own…


So, plugging the headphones failed, right?

There’s no wonder it failed… When you’re using the headphones and someone calls you, the music is tuned down and you hear the ringtone coming out of your OnePlus 5 loud and clear. The same happens when you make a picture, that shutter sound, instead of going out through the headphones, goes out through the speakers. The explanation?

Both the ringtone and the camera shutter sound are notification sounds. And smartphones are built to play these notification sounds through the speakers, regardless of your plugged headphones, with one condition – that you don’t have the device set on the Mute mode.

This condition is actually the key to your problems!


If you want the headphones to work…

All you have to do is to mute or to turn down the volume. It isn’t very intuitive because, once you do that, there’s no point in keeping the headphones on just to avoid the camera shutter sound.

After you’ve turned down the volume of your OnePlus 5, all notification sounds, the shutter sound included, will switch to silence. That’s the simplest way to tackle this problem, with the obvious discomfort that you’ll have to keep switching from loud ring to mute or vibration whenever you want to take a picture.


Here’s what to do for a permanent fix:

If you want to enjoy the privacy of taking photos without everyone looking at you, disrupted by the camera’s sound, you might want to change the camera app. That’s right, the stock app of the OnePlus 5 comes with this feature because the manufacturers are forced to follow the U.S. legislation. According to it, making a photo without any audio warning sign is illegal and cell phones that contain digital cameras are not allowed to take silent pictures.

Private, third-party developers of camera apps, however, don’t necessarily go by this rule. If you want, you can use the OnePlus Play Store and test some alternative apps. Just so you know, when you decide to turn off the sound of your OnePlus 5 smartphone camera app, you’re doing it at your own risk. The key here is to stick to making selfies or photos that do not include other people because that’s the purpose of this law – to protect the persons who don’t want to be photographed without their knowledge and agreement.

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