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How To Turn OFF OnePlus 6 Camera Shutter Sound

The OnePlus camera is good for taking photos and shooting videos. However, the camera shutter sound on OnePlus 6 can be disturbing and therefore you would like to turn it off. Note that in the US the Camera sound should not be turned off. The law makes it compulsory for the users of phones digital sound to use the camera while the sound is on. In this guide, we will illustrate how you can remove camera shutter sound on OnePlus 6.


Download An App From A Third Party

A good way to get rid of the camera shutter sound on OnePlus 6 is using a third party app to take photos and record videos. Consider that not all camera applications will make a sound like the stock Android Camera application. Therefore on Google Play Store search for the different applications and test the app to ascertain it is sound free.


Muting Or Turning Off Volume

Alternatively, you can reduce the volume of the camera shutter sound on OnePlus 6 or even mute the sound. Use the volume – button until you set the phone to vibration mode. With the phone in the mute mode, no one will hear the sound when you use the camera.


Use Headphones

Another great idea is using the camera while the headphone is plugged into the phone. All the sounds made by the phone will be played through the headphones instead of the phone’s speakers.


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