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How To Turn On 3G Or 4G On OnePlus 6

The 4G and 3G networks are very important especially when you need to use the internet. In some circumstances, you will realize the 4G or 3G networks are deactivated. When disconnected, you will not be able to use the phone when connecting to the internet. Therefore, it is very important to have the required knowhow required for activating the 3G and 4G networks on OnePlus 6.


Procedure for Enabling 4G/3G on OnePlus 6

You need to open the OnePlus 6 settings menu to activate the 4G or 3G network. Once on the settings, navigate to the Connection settings then to Wireless networks tab. Now, click on the mobile network followed by the preferred network. Once you are on the network preferred view you will find various options which include 2G/3G/ 4G and also auto. This is the option that allows you to select the network type you want to connect to. When you select 3G, then you will not be able to use data if the available network is 4G.


How to Activate Data Connection on OnePlus 6 Device

With OnePlus 6 3G or 4G connection active, you will now be required to turn ON mobile data so that internet connection can be established. Use the notifications view to be able to activate mobile data. Once you have opened the notifications tab, you should then see several shortcut icons and data is one of the icons displayed. Tap on the icon labeled data and illustrated by two arrows pointing to opposite directions. Once successfully completed, a 3G or 4G icon appears next to the indicator showing network which is on the top right side of the phone screen.


Disabling Mobile Data Network Connection on OnePlus 6 Smartphone

On different occasions, you might want to deactivate data connection. Swipe downwards from the OnePlus 6 screen using two fingers to activate notifications view. You should see shortcuts displayed, and data connection being one of them. Tap on the data icon to gray it out which means you have deactivated data connection successfully.


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