How To Turn ON And OFF OnePlus 6 With Broken Power Button

Are you freaking out because you can no longer use the Power button of your OnePlus 6? As bad as it seems, it doesn’t have to be a tragedy. Coming up next, we’ll show you some temporary solutions on how to turn it On and Off without that button. Bear in mind, though, that you should find the time and fix this hardware problem at some point. Until then, however, here’s how to escape…


Can’t use the Power Button? You can still turn the OnePlus 6 On if you:

  1. Grab a USB cable and stick it to your smartphone;
  2. Long-press the Volume button for several seconds;
  3. At the same time, connect the device to a computer, with that USB cable;
  4. Wait a few more seconds for the Download Mode to boot;
  5. And hit the Volume Down key to cancel the upload of the Download Mode;
  6. This will result in the automatic reboot of the device;
  7. When the process is over, the OnePlus 6 will be up and running in the default mode.


And when you want to turn Off the OnePlus 6 without having access to the Power button…

  1. Hit the Home button to leave any other apps and return to an empty Home Screen;
  2. Bring up the Applications window and select the Play Store from there;
  3. Within the Play Store, run a search for the Button Savior app, then download and install it;
  4. Next, enable the debugging mode on the OnePlus 6, with the help of this guide;
  5. Launch the newly installed app and look for the option labeled as “Kill/Start Button Savior Service”;
  6. Expect to see a pop-up next, with a very small arrow displayed on the right of the screen;
  7. Hit that arrow and convert it into a list of icons that will also include the Power button;
  8. Tap and hold the icon for Power from that list until you get the option to Power off the device;
  9. Select it and wait for the device to shut off without you having to tap the Power button anymore.


Hopefully, these have eased your worries for the time being. Just don’t forget our initial suggestion and ask for professional help. You don’t want to turn On and Off the OnePlus 6 with a broken Power button for too long. It was meant to have a functional Power button, so, go fix it!

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