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How To Turn ON And OFF OnePlus 6 With Broken Power Button

According to users, chances are that OnePlus 6 power button will break after using it for a while. That is when, switching OnePlus 6 on and off without running down the battery becomes a challenging task. So, you may be thinking, how do you switch OnePlus 6 ON and OFF when the power button is non -functional?

Have you broken your phone’s power button? It’s no big deal. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions below on how to switch OnePlus 6 on and off when the power button is not working.


How to switch on OnePlus 6 smartphone without making use of the power button:

  1. Turn off OnePlus 6, hold and press the volume button at a time for some seconds.
  2. Link the smartphone to a PC with a USB without losing your grip on the volume button.
  3. Let OnePlus 6 power up to Download mode
  4. Afterward, stop the operation by pressing down volume button
  5. When the operation is canceled, the phone with boot again and switch on
  6. The OnePlus 6 smartphone has been successfully switched on without making use of the power button.


How to power off OnePlus 6 phone without making use of the power button.

  1. To reach the Home screen, tap the home button
  2. Click the Applications icon
  3. Go through the apps and choose the play store icon
  4. Search for “Button Savior” in the box
  5. After downloading, install the app
  6. Button Savior is also available on the web in case you are unable to download the app on play store.
  7. Open the app after installation (follow this detailed guide if you need to allow debugging mode)
  8. Once debugging mode is enabled, open Button Savior app and click “Kill/Start Button Savior Service”
  9. A screen with a tiny arrow will appear on the screen’s right side.
  • Click on the screen to turn it into an icon
  • Press and hold the power button to view the device options.
  • Click the “power off” to switch off your smartphone.
  • Your OnePlus 6 smartphone will successfully be switched off without using the power button.




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