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How To Turn Safe Mode OFF And On For OnePlus 6

If you go through a couple of OnePlus 6 web tutorials, the words Safe Mode will come into play quite often. Don’t know what that is and when should you turn On or Off the Safe Mode on your smartphone? We’re pretty confident that the following information will cover your questions. Give it a try!


The What, When & Why of using the Safe Mode with OnePlus 6

When you turn on your smartphone, it enters a so-called normal running mode, by default. Safe Mode is, from this perspective, a different running mode. What it does is to put the device in a different environment, one that is more secure and where only the default apps and services are allowed. In there, you have two main advantages.

One of them is the absence of any third-party app, which can indicate if the problems experienced in the normal running mode have to do with a third-party app or not. The other one is that you can safely and easily uninstall whatever you want, knowing you won’t harm the phone. Use it every time when you need to troubleshoot some OnePlus 6 software problem!


How do you actually get into Safe Mode On OnePlus 6?

First of all, you cannot switch from the normal running mode to Safe Mode when the device is up and running. So, begin by turning it off and then use the following keys and combinations of keys:

  1. When the device is powered off, long-press on the Power/Lock key until the screen starts displaying the OnePlus 6 logo;
  2. Then, you can release the Power/Lock key but you will have to tap and hold, right away, on the Volume Down key;
  3. Keep the Volume key pressed up until the OnePlus 6 reboots and you see the Safe Mode message at the corner of your screen.


That’s pretty much all it takes to enable the Safe Mode. Simple, right?


What about when you want to turn off Safe Mode In OnePlus 6?

If turning on the Safe Mode on the OnePlus 6 was so easy, wait and see how easy it is to turn it off! Basically, all you have to do is to restart the OnePlus 6. When you’re in Safe Mode and you tap the Power/Lock key, the device will show you the Restart option and you can select it. After the restart, it will boot into the normal running mode.

Alternatively, you can simply take out the battery and only put it back in after at least 5 minutes. In some instances, the OnePlus 6 users might have to also long-press the Volume Down while the device restarts, just like they did when they have turned on the Safe Mode.

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