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How To Update OnePlus 6

If you want to optimize the performance of OnePlus 6, you then need to update OnePlus 6 device. With the updates done, a wide array of other features makes the use of the phone a nice experience overall. However, the updating procedure is not as simple. In this content, we take you through the procedure for updating the phone and also how to know there is an available update for a particular application.


Reasons Why OnePlus 6 Android Update Is Important

The Android updates improve the overall experience on your phone. To begin with, new updates increase your protection levels. Consider that just like all other operating systems, Android comes with various bugs. Therefore, a new update eliminates these bugs. In addition, an update comes with additional exciting features which could be added apps, or even new parameters. Some other improvements save your OnePlus 6 battery extending the battery life.


How to Identify Availability of New Update on OnePlus6

Your OnePlus has the ability of checking out for available updates on OnePlus 6. This can be done through the settings menu on your phone and then checkout for phone information on the about device view. Search for available update and you will find the phone indicates if there is one available or it is updated already. If there is an update that is available, download and install the update. If there is no update that is available, this will be indicated after you have searched for the update. You will therefore find the message illustrating you are Running Current Version or there is no Update Available.


Procedure for Updating the OnePlus6 Device

The update procedure for OnePlus 6 is ideally very simple. Taking a few precautions before you begin is also important. This is because the update might come with various other unexpected issues. Here is what you can be able to do before you kickoff the procedure of updating the phone.

  1. Ensure you have a data backup file on your SD Card. The procedure for OnePlus 6 data backup is illustrated on one of our guides.
  2. Ensure your phone has sufficient charge since the procedure might take a while to complete. Therefore, make sure you have at least 70% on your OnePlus Device.
  3. Ensure the Phone settings are saved. This is by taking screenshots. You can learn from this guide how to take the screen shots.


Once you have these done, you need to kickoff the update procedure. Open the settings view and navigate to about device and then Software updates. Start the procedure as illustrated above. This is going to take a while and after the procedure is complete the phone restarts.

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