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How To Use Calculator App On OnePlus 5

The more we use technology, the more we stop doing certain things just because the smartphone can do it for us. Take the Calculator app, for instance. It’s one of the gazillions of useful apps that we can try on a OnePlus 5 device. Let’s face it, we’re not all fans of mathematics and if we can cut some corners and have someone else do the math for us, it’s perfect.

Well, that’s what the Calculator app does. And the great news is that, recently, it was introduced as a default app. You no longer have to download your own calculator from the Play Store – unless you want to try something new.

But just to be more specific, the Calculator app is not an app, it’s a widget. It looks like an app and has a cute small icon that you can place on the Home screen for easy access. When you do access it, you’re not getting an actual app but rather turn the OnePlus 5 into a calculator.

To make use of this built-in feature, you’ll have to activate the screen rotation before anything else. Go to the status bar, swipe it down and tap the Rotate Screen icon to turn it on. Then, go on and turn on the device itself, by holding it transversely.

You’ll see that the scientific calculator shows up on the screen. Now you’re ready to do complex calculations with your OnePlus 5, sine, cosine, tangent, root, and many others!

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