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How To Use Compass On OnePlus 5

Smartphones are a symbol of our advanced technology and the modern world we live in. OnePlus 5 makes no exception from this standpoint and, just like with many other devices, one might think that it is intended to be used exclusively in the middle of the most urban areas.

And still, precisely because of all the cool things that a smart device can do, using it in the most various contexts is a pleasant experience. For instance, there are quite a few apps dedicated to turning your OnePlus 5 device into a… compass.

That’s right, the Compass feature of any OnePlus 5 can be experienced with a little bit of help straight from the Play Store. If you’re going in decided to search for these third-party apps, consider our top three recommendations. They are among the most often downloaded for all the great reasons!


Check out:

  1. Android compass
  2. Pinux compass
  3. Super compass


Of course, if anything else catches your eye, give it a go on your OnePlus 5 and see which one you prefer most. Just don’t forget to take some extra time and read the reviews available in there, you don’t want to keep installing faulty or potentially malfunctioning apps – learn from the experience of all the other Play Store users!


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