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How To Use Custom Music On OnePlus 5

Music is an important part of our lives and with the evolution of smartphones, is an important part of these devices as well. If you think of it, you start your day with the music played by your OnePlus 5. Sure, it’s just the alarm tone, but what if you could make it more than that?

Did you know that you too can easily customize the music played by your alarm? And it doesn’t have to be yet another alarm ringtone from the default options of the OnePlus 5 alarm app. It can be your favorite song so that waking up in the morning will instantly turn into a pleasant experience.

Let’s face it, most alarms are either too slow or too loud, boring or, in any case, not capable of lifting up your mood as they get you up from the bed. Instead of downloading dozens of different third-party apps, right from the OnePlus Play Store, just to try other alarm tones, take the situation into your own hands. Pick a song from your smartphone, without any other complications. And when you get bored with it, pick another one. It’s simple.


The essentials of using custom music for the OnePlus 5 alarms

You can use any song or track, with one condition – that you have the audio file stored on your phone’s memory. Working with music from your OnePlus Music cloud account is not possible.

So, after transferring your song to the device (you can easily do it by connecting it to a PC and making the changes in there or, if you have a Mac, use the Android File Transfer) and take these steps:

  1. Launch the App tray;
  2. Open the Clock app;
  3. Switch to the Alarm tab of the app;
  4. Select Alarm tone;
  5. Browse through the list of default songs and pick one;
  6. Or use the Add button to browse the OnePlus 5 and pick one of the songs you just transferred;
  7. Select the desired song;
  8. Tap on the Done button.


It’s easy, right? Once you’ve brought your files on the phone and stored them locally, the problem is almost solved.


One last thing to consider…

The above-presented steps are all it takes to add any of your favorite songs, from your OnePlus 5 collection as an alarm tone. If there’s one last thing we really need to mention, it relates to the Auto Recommendations option. You must have spotted it while taking your alarm tone settings. If you don’t know what it means, you’ll be happy to find out…

When you select a new alarm ringtone, the alarm app will display, by default, the song from the very beginning. With the Auto Recommendations activated, however, you can select what part of the song to serve as alarm sound – the highlight, or the loudest part instead of the intro sound, which is usually less powerful. Now you’re ready to customize the OnePlus 5 music!

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