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How To Use OnePlus 5 As A Flashlight

If you own the new OnePlus smartphone, it’s a good idea to know how to use OnePlus 5 as a flashlight. This feature is great when a light source is need in a dark place. Even though the OnePlus 5 flashlight is not the most powerful compared to something like a LED Maglight, it’s still great for using every once in a while.

Before if you wanted to use flashlight on OnePlus 5, you needed to download an app for it. But now you can just use the built in widget on One Plus 5. The widget is a small icon that you can place on the home screen of the phone and will allow you to quickly turn on and off the flashlight.

Below are instructions on how to use OnePlus 5 torch light app and have it appear on your home screen.


How to use OnePlus 5 as a flashlight:

  1. Turn on the OnePlus 5
  2. Go to your home screen and press down on the screen until it says Wallpapers,” “Widgets” and “Home screen settings”
  3. Tap on “Widgets”
  4. Look for the “Torch” widget
  5. Press on “Torch” and move the widget to your home screen.
  6. Now if you need to use flashlight on OnePlus 5, all you need to do is tap on the “Torch” icon.


If you want to turn off flashlight in One Plus 5, just tap on the same icon or go open the notification settings and turn off Torch.

The steps give above will allow answer the question for those that wonder How do I use flashlight on OnePlus 5?” If you’d like to use the launcher for usage of the flashlight on OnePlus 5, the process is fairly similar, with the only difference being the location of the widget.

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