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How To Use OnePlus 6 As A Flashlight

At one point in time, you may encounter those rare moments where you have to use the OnePlus 6 as a flashlight to sift through a dark area. Although the OnePlus 6 flashlight cannot replace the LED lights around your area, it can sometimes serve a good job as a source of light.

In the recent past, you had to download a certain app to turn OnePlus 6 flashlight on. Now, you don’t have to download an OnePlus 6 Torch app, as the smartphone entails a widget that is able to turn on and off the OnePlus 6 flashlight. For those who are not aware, a widget is just a small shortcut, which resembles an app icon, which you place to the OnePlus 6 home screen; in this case to turn the flashlight on or off.

We will thus explain to you how to use Torch on OnePlus 6 together with its inbuilt widget and to some extension easily utilize the OnePlus 6 flashlight feature.


How You Can Use OnePlus 6 As A flashlight:

  1. Turn your OnePlus 6 on.
  2. Using one of your fingers, press down on the home screen till the “Home screen settings” “Wallpapers,” and “Widgets” show up.
  3. Choose “Widgets”
  4. Browse through all widgets until you reach the “Torch” one.
  5. Tap and hold still the “Torch” widget. Then, move it to the home screen where you find an open space.
  6. Afterward, just have to choose the “Torch” icon whenever you wish to use flashlight on OnePlus 6.
  7. After finishing with the flashlight tap that icon or rather head to the notification setting where you can turn the flashlight off.


That said and done if you want to use flashlight on OnePlus 6 just follow the instructions above. In case you opt to use launcher to activate the flashlight on your OnePlus 6 the same instructions will be applicable only that some widgets may be at different places.


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