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How To Use Split Screen View And Multi Window On OnePlus 6

Ability to use the split display view and multiple Window Mode on OnePlus 6 is one of the greatest things. These features mean that the OnePlus 6 users can run two applications concurrently.

However, you will need to enable these two features from the settings menu in order to use them. In this document, we will illustrate how you can activate the split display view and the multiple window mode including how to make use of the Split Screen on OnePlus 6.


The Procedure For Enabling Multiple Window Mode On OnePlus 6

Follow the instructions illustrated below:

  1. Switch the OnePlus 6 phone on
  2. Open the Settings view
  3. Under the Device, you will see Multiple Window
  4. Use the Toggle located in the right-hand corner to activate Multiple Window Mode
  5. Use the box located next to Access in Multiple Window View to configure if you would like to have multiple window mode by default.


Once you have completed the above actions, you should be able to see a semicircle that is grey in color on the phone’s screen. For you to use the features, click on the semicircle using your finger and the multiple window mode will launch to the top. Now pull icons from the apps menu to the window that you prefer the apps to be located. You can press the circle located in the middle of the screen to resize the window.


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