Internet Speed Slow On OnePlus 6 (Solution)

When you’re using the internet all day long, you cannot possibly miss the first speed problems that occur. With the OnePlus 6, for instance, many would complain that its internet speed would slow down occasionally.

That might not be a problem, but what if it turns into a habit? What if your Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube apps are failing to load content, showing you broken images all the time? Well, you clearly have to tackle the problem one way or another…


If you don’t enjoy complications, try getting some technical support first

Some people prefer to start with this solution to fix the slow internet speed on the OnePlus 6. Others, who are more tech-savvy, more passionate on the issue, or simply too stubborn to accept from the very beginning that they need help, might want to leave it as the last option. We advise you, however, especially if you still have your warranty, to have the phone checked in an authorized service. It’s much simpler for you, much cleaner and certainly less frustrating. If you’re not happy with this option just yet, you could try…


See if the Wi-Fi internet speed is just as slow as the mobile data speed

When your internet works just as lousy on both Wi-Fi and mobile data, you can suspect that you have a more general problem with the device. Otherwise, if problems persist mostly on the Wi-Fi, it must be because your device is clinging to a network with low signal and switching to it in an attempt to preserve your mobile data. To test this theory, turn off the Wi-Fi by going to Settings, at Connections, and switching the Wi-Fi toggle from there to Off. How’s your internet when working on mobile data alone? If it’s just as bad, go on to the next level.


Clear the cache of your OnePlus 6 operating system and see how it goes

Clearing the cache can impact the functionality of all kinds of apps and services. Instead of trying to investigate which of those apps and services are hindering the quality of your internet connection, give them all a fresh cache start and see if it brings any improvements.

Important to remember, this action is nothing like the factory reset. If you go for it, you can be sure that your data will be safe, from messages, photos and videos to whatever else you have saved in there. Just follow the right instructions on how to clear the cache on OnePlus 6 and test the internet speed afterward.


What else can you look for, when the internet speed is too slow on the OnePlus 6?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The slow internet can not only be caused by the device itself, with its hardware or software problems. But it can also depend on the type of internet content that you’re trying to reach to. Or it can depend on the settings of your router or hardware. In fact, there are plenty of other things you might haven’t even thought of, like…

  1. Poor signal strength;
  2. Poor Wi-Fi;
  3. Shady websites or just overcrowded websites;
  4. Network congestions;
  5. Apps taking up your internet in the background;
  6. Low device memory;
  7. Exceeded data speed;
  8. Outdated internet browser;
  9. Outdated firmware;
  10. Corrupted/full cache etc.


If you feel that you can look into any of the possibilities we just mentioned, go for it. If not, remember our initial suggestion and let the pros see why your OnePlus 6 is having such a slow internet speed.

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