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Issues With Bluetooth On OnePlus 6 – Fixed

Purchasing the new OnePlus 6 will probably make you want to use it as much as you can, especially when you’re in the car and your hands are busy. Whether you own an Audio or a BMW, a Mercedes Benz or a Volkswagen, a Tesla, a Toyota, or even a Volvo, you most certainly haven’t thought that the OnePlus 6 may not want to pair with your car via Bluetooth. Is this something personal or a more general problem with Bluetooth on OnePlus 6?

In our opinion, even though there aren’t any official statements coming from OnePlus in this direction, it’s beginning to look a lot like a general problem. More and more users complain about the OnePlus 6 problems with Bluetooth, problems that they shouldn’t have yet that tend to manifest out of a sudden.

Without knowing whether it’s a hardware bug or a software bug, we can only hope for the best, which is a software bug. As usual, we’re saying that software issues are a bit easier to tackle by the end-user on its own. The same goes for this particular malfunction of connecting the phone to the car.

So, if it’s really a software trigger when Bluetooth not connecting on OnePlus 6, you can try and refresh the cache. And if you have even the slightest knowledge on what the cache memory is and how it works, you can probably anticipate your two main options.


OnePlus 6 Problems With Bluetooth – Solved By Wiping App Cache

That cache that smoothens the process of switching between apps may be one reason for your current issues. With a concise guide on how to clear the cache, you will be able to delete that temporary data and allow a clean start for the Bluetooth. As expected, that guide is waiting for you below. Put the instructions into practice and maybe the OnePlus 6 will connect to car Bluetooth easily, just as it should:

  1. Find the Settings icon from your phone, somewhere within the App icon from the Home Screen;
  2. Tap it and next, find the Application Manager menu;
  3. Select it and head to the All Tabs section with a simple swipe (try either right or left);
  4. Select the Bluetooth app listed in there;
  5. Select the option that will force stop the Bluetooth;
  6. Clear the Cache;
  7. Clear the Bluetooth data;
  8. Confirm with the OK button;
  9. Give your OnePlus 6 a restart in the end and then, try to reconnect.


OnePlus 6 Issues With Bluetooth – Solved By Wiping The System Cache

If the simple option above described hasn’t helped much in fixing Bluetooth issues on OnePlus 6, you still have the option of dealing with the cache partition. That, of course, is a bit more complex and you will probably want to take the time and read this guide on how to wipe cache partition on OnePlus 6. This is what normally solves any Bluetooth problems, you should really try it!

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