Issues With Calls On OnePlus 6 – Fixed

Problems with calls are certainly from the major league. Your OnePlus 6 might work flawlessly in any other way, but if you can’t make or take calls, you need to find out why and fix it. After all, you’ve paid for a phone and as smart as it is, not being able to use the call function isn’t smart at all! Whether you can’t initiate a call at all or you can’t get to the end of it because it keeps interrupting, you should consider the following possibilities.


6 things to try out as soon as your OnePlus 6 has problems with calls:

  1. Verify if and how much signal you have in that area;
  2. Rule out the intervention of the Flight Mode;
  3. Try setting your OnePlus 6 on a different network mode;
  4. Have the device scan for and connect to networks automatically;
  5. Make sure there’s no outage in that area;
  6. Make sure that your carrier hasn’t blocked the service for any reason.


Just by looking at the things you have to try out, it becomes obvious that some of the reasons will depend on your device while others will be truly out of your reach. But even those from the second category must be taken into account. Even if you can’t fix them personally, you can make some interventions and, with a little bit of help from outside, the OnePlus 6 problems with calls might cease soon after that. For now, let’s get into the details of each option.


The signal bars

The signal bars – those tiny lines displayed at the top of the screen in the Notification bar – indicate how well your smartphone communicates with the nearby wireless towers. Whether you’re in an area where the signal from the closest wireless towers is very weak or something happened to your phone that it can no longer pick up that signal as it should… The fact is that you’ll spot a signal issue almost instantly if you just check the signal bars.

Assuming you saw the low signal symbol in there, you can still hope for just a minor glitch. Try to see if rebooting the OnePlus 6 will help in any way.


The flight mode

Needless to say, you can investigate for ages without any kind of success if you ignore the possibility that the Flight Mode is enabled. As long as that mode is turned On, you clearly cannot make or take calls, so, just to be sure, rule out this possibility.

Pull down the Notification bar to access the Settings icon and find the Flight Mode icon in there. Check its toggle and convince yourself that it’s set to Off, then you can move on to your other troubleshooting options.


The network mode

Coming up next, you should consider choosing a different network for your OnePlus 6 to work with. You’ll have to look into the Network Mode submenu and select a specific network, as per our indications from below:

  • Unlock your smartphone and use one finger to bring up the Notification shade, sliding it from top to bottom;
  • Select the Settings icon and go to Mobile Networks;
  • In there, you’ll find the Network Mode submenu and if you tap it, you’ll see some networks to choose from;
  • This time, change the OnePlus 6 network mode into WCDMA/GSM.


The network connection

In case that your smartphone wasn’t set to scan for the available networks and connect to the one with the strongest signal automatically, you might want to do that now. As you travel, you naturally get further away from one network that you’ve been connected to and come closer to another network. If the phone isn’t set to switch the connections automatically, when, for whatever reasons, it goes out of range and it loses the connection, it might not be able to connect to another network. Until you fix this, you will have problems with the calls so…

  1. Go back to Settings;
  2. At Mobile Networks, select the Network Operators this time;
  3. Wait for the OnePlus 6 to scan for the networks available within range;
  4. And before you leave the settings, tick the box that says Select Automatically.


Potential outages

Here’s one of those issues that don’t depend on you in any way. At times, problems can show up in the network or the carrier might be forced to interfere to adjust something. When their actions affect the quality of service, there’s nothing you can do but wait for them to set things back to normal. Even so, it helps knowing for a fact that this is the case and if you get in touch with their customer support, you’ll probably get a clue on how long it will take.


Potential subscription limitations

If the network is up and running, the network settings on your phone seem to be just fine, but you still have these OnePlus 6 problems with calls, maybe it’s your account to worry about? Sometimes, carriers can decide to block your services if, for instance, you haven’t paid your bills in time. Or maybe it was just an error in their system that led to blocking your service. Again, you can’t know for sure until you call them and ask for more information.

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