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Move Apps To SD Card On OnePlus 6

There is a lot of space utilized buy the apps you have on your Smartphone. Consequently, knowing how you can move these apps to the SD card is very useful. By moving the apps you can free up the storage space on your phone. Here is the procedure for moving the applications to OnePlus 6 Card. This procedure will make use of the applications and we observe how you can employ an app that copies apps on the SD card.


Using OnePlus Menu to Move Apps to SD Card On OnePlus 6

Note that the procedure will not work on all the phones. In case this happens on your smartphone, you need to move to the second method.

  1. Go to the settings menu
  2. open the Apps Tab to see all the apps installed on your phone
  3. Select the Application that you need to move and open the page displaying configurations.
  4. Checkout for Copy to SD Card option and select it to complete the action.


Using a Secondary application to Move Apps to SD Card on OnePlus 6

Several applications will let you copy the apps to OnePlus 6 SD card. This is an advantageous approach simply because it allows you to move all apps concurrently. The best app for moving the applications is Deplacerverscarte SD. This has been tested and the functions work well. Therefore, download the application and install it. The procedure is intuitive and very easy to deploy.

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