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Not Getting Texts On OnePlus 5 – Solution

If you’ve just bought the new OnePlus smartphone, you may deal with an issue about not getting texts on OnePlus 5. Sometimes you could not be getting SMS or text message from iOS users like the iPhone.

Don’t worry, this kind of issue can be solved a few different ways when OnePlus 5 not getting texts problem occurs.

The most common issue is OnePlus 5 cannot receive SMS or text message when a person sends a text from iPhone and the other is OnePlus 5 can’t send SMS text message to those on Android, BlackBerry or Windows as the message is being sent as an iMessage.

Both of these issues are common for those using the One Plus 5, but can be solved fairly easily. The first solution is for those who have used iMessage on an iPhone in the past and then transferred your SIM to OnePlus 5. It’s possible that you didn’t deactivate iMessage before changing your SIM card with OnePlus 5.

If this is the case for you, iOS devices will think your on iMessage and send you those type of messages instead of SMS. Below are instructions on how to fix One Plus 5 not getting texts.


How To Fix OnePlus 5 Can’t Receive Messages:

  1. Turn off your OnePlus 5.
  2. Take out the SIM card
  3. Put that SIM card back into the iPhone you used before.
  4. Have the phone connected to a data network like LTE or 3G.
  5. Go to Settings > Message and turn off iMessage.


For those that do not have your original iPhone in position, or can’t turn off iMessage, you can go to Deregister iMessage online and turn off iMessage there.

After you have got to the deregister iMessage page, scroll to the bottom and select the option “no longer have your iPhone?” Under this you’ll be able to type in your phone number, select region and get a code that confirms you’re the owner. Wait until you get the code and then type it in the field “enter confirmation code” and click submit.

After you follow the steps above, you should be able to receive test messages on OnePlus 5.


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