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Not Getting Texts On OnePlus 6 (Solved)

If you own a new OnePlus 6 or any smartphone texting is one of the basic functionality you hope to enjoy. However, there are people who have had problems with getting texts on OnePlus 6. Specifically, receiving SMS or text messages from iPhone users is the main issue. There are two different ways you can use to solve these OnePlus 6 not getting texts problems.

The initial way to fix the problem is to check whether the OnePlus 6 cannot receive SMS or text messages when a iPhone user sends a text. Check also whether the OnePlus 6 can’t send text messages or SMS to a non-Apple phone user such as Windows, Blackberry Android since those messages are usually sent as iMessage.

The above two problem are usually common when after using the iPhone’s iMessage you later transfer the sim card to the OnePlus 6.

Other iOS device users will still try to text you via the iMessage if you forget to deactivate iMessage service before trying to use that sim card on OnePlus 6. Fortunately, we shall show you below how to fix the OnePlus 6 not getting texts.


How To Fix OnePlus 6 Can’t Receive Messages:

  1. Put Take the sim card you transferred to your OnePlus 6 and put it back into your iPhone.
  2. Ensure that the phone is linked to data network connection like 3G or LTE.
  3. Head to Settings > Message and turn off iMessage.


In case you are unable to turn off the iMessage or maybe the original iPhone is no longer with you, you have the option to access the Deregister iMessage page and turn iMessage off. After reaching the deregister iMessage page, navigate to the bottom part where you will reach the “no longer have your iPhone?” option and select it.

Right Below that option, you will find a field to type phone number and select your region. After imputing the necessary information hit on Send code. You will have to input a code in the “enter confirmation code” field before you click on the submit label.

After finishing the above procedures, your OnePlus 6 should be in a position to receive various text messages from other iPhone users.


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