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One Plus 5: How To Block Calls

You have a One Plus 5 smartphone and a long list of contacts. The calls and text messages you’re getting may be more or less solicited. Whether you want to prevent someone you already know from ever disrupting you again or you’re being bullied by a telemarketer or any other spammer, you will want to learn how to block a call.

Among the One Plus 5 users, the action refers to rejecting a call. Blocking or rejecting, it is something you can do in three different ways. So, our purpose for today is to introduce you to all of the three methods:


  1. Block all the unknown callers
  2. Block an individual caller
  3. Block a caller from the Auto-Reject list


To block all the calls from any unknown caller…

First of all, an unknown caller is not a person whose number you don’t have on your agenda. It is actually someone who chooses to dial your number while hiding their number so that you won’t be able to tell who the caller is or what phone number does he or she have.

This general definition is more than enough to indicate that you can choose to block, by default, any hidden number. Suffices to access the Auto Reject List of your One Plus 5 and select the option that says block calls from Unknown Callers. You’ll see it has its own toggle that you can switch from Off to On.


To block the calls from an individual caller…

This feature helps you deal with each phone number at a time. If, every now and then, you receive a call from someone you don’t want to talk to, you can access the Call Log and select that number. From the MORE option, located at the top right corner, you can activate the option Add to Auto Reject List.


To block the caller right from the Auto-Reject list…

We’ve mentioned the Auto Reject List on many occasions so far and now we’d like to tell you a bit more about it. The Phone app has that MORE menu button that, once you select, will give you access to the general Settings of the agenda. In there, you have this Call Rejection menu where you can find the Auto Reject List.

At this stage, you can manually type the phone numbers of the persons you would like to block. Or you can select a contact from your One Plus 5 agenda to permanently block it. This is, naturally, also the place where you can unblock people you have previously stopped from calling you.

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