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One Plus 5: How To Change Device Name

Your One Plus 5 smartphone has this specific name wherever you happen to see it listed. Whether it shows up during the connection with a computer or within the USB settings, the device will be listed as “One Plus 5”. If you will ever want to make a change in this chapter, remember that you can.

Read on to learn how and keep this information at hand, for the moment you’ll feel like making adjustments.


If you have decided to edit the One Plus 5 device name…

  1. Begin by making sure that the smartphone is currently turned on;
  2. Navigate to the main Menu, from the Home screen;
  3. Select the gear icon that accesses the Settings section;
  4. In there, head to the Device Information section;
  5. Under that sub-menu, a special Device Name entry should be listed;
  6. Select the Device Name field;
  7. You’ll see a new window popping up on the display;
  8. Use it to edit the name of the One Plus 5;
  9. Make the changes and leave the menus.


From this moment on, the One Plus 5 device will show up listed with the new name that you have just configured, in any of the situations we’ve suggested in the beginning of this article.

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