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One Plus 5: How To Fix Blurry Pictures

If you’ve recently started to use a One Plus 5 smartphone, chances are you’ve noticed its camera isn’t quite pleasing. If your pictures and videos always end up blurry, you shouldn’t necessarily take it as a sign that the camera app isn’t working properly or that the camera features aren’t as powerful as you would expect it to be.

To tackle this low-quality focus issue of the camera, you can try two simple things. One of them is to check if the protective plastic casing from the camera lens and the heart rate monitor was removed. The other one is to check a particular setting of the app called Picture Stabilization.

More often than not, it’s our first suggestion – the plastic is still on the lens, thus influencing the quality of the pictures. If this won’t fix it, maybe the next steps will:


To fix the fuzzy images or videos captured with One Plus 5…

  1. First, turn on the smartphone;
  2. Then, launch the Camera app, from the Lock Screen or the Home Screen of the device;
  3. Look for the Settings menu, accessible from the lower left corner of the screen;
  4. Identify the option labeled as Picture Stabilization;
  5. Select the option to switch its toggle from On to Off.


With this simple action you have officially disabled the Picture Stabilization feature of the app. From now on, the pictures and the videos taken with the One Plus 5 will be considerably clearer.


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