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One Plus 5: How To Mute Smartphone

When looking to avoid interruptions at work, at school, or during a private meeting, your One Plus 5 smartphone offers you a couple of different options. You should be able to either temporarily block a sound, with the Motions and Gestures, or to activate the Mute mode for a longer period of time. The latter comes with a couple of different options in itself, so, let us show you how to tackle both of your two main options.


The standard methods for activating the Mute mode on One Plus 5:

  • Use the volume control button, the one located on the left side of the device;
    • Hold down on that key until you notice the device switching from the loud ring mode to the silent mode;
  • Alternatively, you can use directly the Power button and hold it until a couple of options show up on the screen – you will see the vibrate and the mute options, choosing to select the latter;
  • Last but not least, you can use the Sound settings from the main Menu of the phone – you swipe down from the top of the screen and access the mute/vibrate options in there.


The motions and gestures option for muting the One Plus 5:

Please notice we didn’t say that you activate the Mute mode, only that you can mute the device at a specific given time. To make it clear, you can block the sound of an incoming call, but only during the call, with a simple gesture. If the caller will initiate another call right after you have muted the first one, the second call will come through the loud ring mode. And you should be able to use the same gestures for muting it once again.

Activate the Motions and Gestures from the Settings section, under My Device. Then, whenever you want to block a sound, place your palm over the display or turn the phone with the display towards the surface of the table or anything that would block it. That’s how you keep the One Plus 5 sounds under control.

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