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One Plus 5: Turning Data OFF And ON – Guide

Data usage is a resource you should keep under control. Don’t think that as long as you’re not personally and consciously using the internet your data is safe, because it may not be! There are numerous apps – general apps that your One Plus 5 smartphone has – and that may be taking up your internet when running in the background. For giving you important notifications or finding new versions to update their software, these things may be happening right as you read this.

Think of all your social media apps, your emails, and even your lifestyle apps. They need the Internet to stay up to date and they use it even when you are not keeping them active on the screen.

If you happen to travel abroad, you might want to be even more careful with it! The extra charges for international data usage are quite hefty… Learn how to control the mobile data, to keep it deactivated when you don’t need it, and even to have a certain limit that will block it automatically and avoid the extra charges from the carrier. If you don’t know how to do any of that to your OnePlus3, you’ll find out in the following minutes!


The essentials of turning the Mobile Data On/Off on One Plus 5

As long as you don’t use apps that require an internet connection, you should keep the Mobile Data Off. That’s the simplest rule and the only one you should take into account when you try to protect your mobile plan. By doing so, you are saving both the traffic and the battery, keeping it for the moments when you really need it. The apps will no longer update in the background and you should be more relaxed. The actual steps are presented below:

  1. Swipe down the Notification panel;
  2. Go to Settings;
  3. Select the Data Usage menu;
  4. Find its dedicated switch and tap on it to turn it Off;
  5. Confirm with the OK button.


Whenever you want to use the mobile data on your One Plus 5 again, repeat all of the above steps, except for the latter. At that point, you’ll have to switch its dedicated toggle to set it back to On instead of Off.


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