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One Plus 5: Turning ON And OFF Spell Check

This short article will be about a small but possibly quite annoying feature of any One Plus 5 – the Spell Check. Many people ask us how to turn this feature On while others want to know how to turn it Off. Read on and you’ll grasp all the important details regarding this Spell Check feature.
When you decide to turn the Spell Check On for One Plus 5

  1. Turn on your One Plus 5 smartphone;
  2. Access its main Menu;
  3. Navigate to the general Android System settings;
  4. Under the Language & Input menu, browse for the OnePlus keyboard;
  5. After selecting the built-in keyboard, you will be able to find the Auto Check Spelling listed in there;
  6. Tap on that option to turn on the Spell Check on One Plus 5.


As much as some people are completely against using this feature, its developers actually had the best intentions in mind when they created it. Fixing all kinds of spelling errors or typos on the go is, in fact, quite handy, as long as you get the correct suggestions. This automatic spell check feature will give you hints whenever texting in any kind of app, whether you are writing an SMS or an email or whatever.

If you start typing and you notice that some words are underlined in red, that’s your clue that the spell checker detected something incorrect about those words. If you’re sure that there’s nothing wrong with it, you can suspect that the indications are actually incorrect. And to spare yourself from all that red showing up in your texts, suffices to follow the instructions above and get to the Auto Check Spelling settings from the OnePlus keyboard settings.

If you want to turn on the feature of spell check and enjoy visual cues whenever you’re typing something on the One Plus 5, all you have to do is to go to the Android System settings, available right at the general Menu settings. In there, you will find the OnePlus keyboard listed at the Language & Input menu. You can tap on it once and you can benefit from the spell check from this moment on.

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