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OnePlus 5: How To Change Lock Screen

If you own the new smartphone from OnePlus, you could be wondering how to change lock screen on OnePlus 5. The OnePlus 5 lock screen allows you to customize your phone and add specific widgets that can make your phone different from everyone else and make the device more usable. Below are the instructions on how to change lock screen on One Plus 5 and how to change lock screen wallpaper on OnePlus 5 as well.


How to change OnePlus 5 lockscreen

The first thing you need to do is open the Settings app. Then look for where it says “Lock screen” and you’ll see a few different settings that you can add and customize to the One Plus 5 lock screen.

  • Dual Clock – Using this you have the ability to see the current time zone in you’re in and also the home time that you’ve set.
  • Clock Size – You can change the size of the clock on the lock screen by making it smaller or larger.
  • Show the Date – This option will allow you to show the date on the lock screen.
  • Camera Shortcut – A quick shortcut allows you to quickly access camera from the lock screen.
  • Owner Information – You can provide some details about yourself including your Twitter handle if you want.
  • Additional Info – You can either add or remove the pedometer or weather widget from the lockscreen.


OnePlus 5: How To Change Lock Screen

You have the ability to adjust the OnePlus 5 wallpaper to what ever you want it to be. Just go to an empty space on the home screen and tap and hold until you see a menu pop-up. Then you can edit things like widgets, homescreen settings and wallpaper. Tap on “Wallpaper”, and select on “Lock screen.”

The standard settings for OnePlus 5 will provide you with a few different wallpaper options that you can use for the lockscreen. If you tap on “more images” you can browse through your gallery and select a picture that you want to use as your wallpaper. Just tap on the Set Wallpaper button to change the OnePlus 5 wallpaper.


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