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OnePlus 5: How To Fix No Service Problem

Owners of the new OnePlus 5 phone might want to know how to fix No Service on OnePlus 5. This problem has been reported by some users when they see a “No Service” signal on top of their screen.

For those that are familiar with an error message saying “OnePlus 5 is not registered on a network” this is something similar to that. We suggest that you first read, how to restore IMEI number and fix no signal error, before you go and read the reset of the article on how to fix “No Service” on One Plus 5.


Issues Causing OnePlus 5 No Service Error

The most common cause for the OnePlus 5 No Service error is because your phone has the radio signal turned off. Every once in a while, the signal automatically turns off and causes problems with the phone’s GPS and Wi-Fi. Below are steps on how to turn the radio signal back on.


How To Fix OnePlus 5No Service

  1. Turn on your OnePlus 5
  2. Open the Dial pad
  3. Enter (*#*#4636#*#*) on the key pad
  4. Go into Service mode
  5. Tap on “Device information” or “Phone information”
  6. Tap on Run Ping test
  7. Change the Radio button to OFF
  8. Your OnePlus 5 will restart
  9. Tap reboot


Fix IMEI Number

If you have the One Plus No Service message still showing up, it’s possible that the IMEI is nulled or an unknown IMEI number. The article will explain how to check if the IMEI number is nulled or corrupted: Restore Null IMEI # and Fix Not Registered on Network


Change SIM Card

It’s also possible that the SIM card could be the cause of the “No Service” error. The best way to check for this is to take out the SIM card and reinsert it or replace it with a new one. This should solve your One Plus 5 “No Service” problem.


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