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OnePlus 5 How To Split Screen Guide

For those that own the new OnePlus smartphone, it’s a good idea to know how to split screen guide on OnePlus 5. You can use the Multi Window Mode and Split Screen View. Prior to start using these features, you’ll need to enable the Split Screen and Multi Window on OnePlus 5.

When you have OnePlus 5 Split Screen, you’ll have the ability to run two apps at the same time running next to each other. The follow are steps on how to start using this feature on One Plus 5.


How To Split Screen on OnePlus 5

Prior to using the Split Screen feature, you’ll need to go to the phone’s settings to turn on Split Screen on OnePlus 5. The steps below will explain how you can do this easily:

  1. Turn on your OnePlus 5
  2. Open Settings
  3. Under device, tap on Multi window
  4. Change the Multi Window toggle to ON in the top right corner
  5. Pick the things you want in Multi Window Mode by just checking the box next to Open


Once you’ve turned on Split Screen View and Multi Window Mode on OnePlus 5, you’ll see a half circle or grey semi circle on your screen. We you see this button; it means that you’ve turned on the feature and you’ll be able to start using Split Screen View.

Just tap on the semi circle to bring up Multi Window Mode. When you’ve done this, just dag the icons to the area on the screen where you want it to show up. You’ll also be able to adjust the window size by just pressing and holding on the circle and place it in a new section of the screen.


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