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OnePlus 5 Problems With Calls

Call dropping is extremely annoying. First of all, you’ve bought a OnePlus 5 phone so you can make and receive calls… And, as long as you cannot really rely on this function, you won’t find much consolation in having Internet access on it. Second of all, you can never know when you end up missing a very important call or not being able to make a call to a friend or relative when you’re in a delicate situation.

Long story short, whether it starts from the first call attempt or it drops during a conversation, whether it’s from the wireless connection or the network problems, you have to come up with a solution for it. Below, we will list some circumstances when your OnePlus 5 can manifest that way. Each assumption is, of course, accompanied by the adequate fix.


It could be a simple lack of signal

Calls problems are most of the time signal problems. As annoying as it might be, it is actually a good thing in the sense that this aspect is extremely easy to check. All you need to do is to look at the signal bars from the top right corner of your OnePlus 5 display. If the signal bars indicate low to no signal, it means you’re not getting a strong enough signal from a wireless tower.

Begin by assuming that there’s a glitch with the device and try to reset it. The signal will be back promptly. For more details, follows these instructions on how to reboot OnePlus 5 device.


It could be the Flight Mode activated

Sure, you haven’t flown recently – or did you? – so the Flight Mode should not be active. And still, it could have been turned On by mistake, which means that all your OnePlus 5 wireless connections are turned Off. To check this possible situation:

  1. Pull down the main menu of the smartphone;
  2. Go to Settings;
  3. Tap on the Flight Mode;
  4. Look at its dedicated toggle and switch it back to Off if necessary.


It could be a network mode issue

OnePlus 5 can only work on specific networks. If, all of a sudden, you have call malfunctions, instead of insisting on troubleshooting come technical aspects you’re not equipped to deal with, try some simple fixes. To change the network mode on OnePlus 5 is quite easy:

  1. Go to the main menu;
  2. Select the Settings icon;
  3. Navigate to Mobile Networks, Network Mode;
  4. Select the WCDMA/GSM network.


It could be a network scan issue

By default, your OnePlus 5 might require a manual scan and selection of the network in use. One way to solve the issue is to consider that you’re losing the network signals in certain geographical areas. When that happens and the device is not able to pick up a new, stronger signal, you’re getting the call problems. One possible fix will, consequently, will be to set the phone to automatically find networks:

  1. Access the general menu;
  2. Navigate to Settings, Mobile Networks;
  3. Select the Network Operators entry;
  4. The phone will then find the networks within range;
  5. You should tap the Select Automatically option.


It could be an outage in the area

You’d be surprised, but most often the OnePlus 5 will manifest problems with the calls precisely because of this issue. You cannot know about it – unless you have been informed in the meantime – and you cannot foresee it. What you can do is to ask other persons from around if their network is down as well. When it’s a common problem, it’s obvious that you shouldn’t blame your OnePlus 5. Just wait for the provider to fix the issue.


It could be an account status issue

It’s not one of the most likely causes but it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked either. Since it’s better to be safe than sorry, reach out to your wireless carrier – Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, whatever – and ask them if all your bills are marked as paid in their system or if there’s any other issue with your account. It could be a real problem – anyone can forget paying a due bill at some point – or a system problem that, despite not having a real foundation, can still cause you service problems.

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