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OnePlus 5 Weather Alerts

If you’ve heard your OnePlus 5 smartphone making weird sounds or noises lately, only to discover you just got a weather alert notification, you must be puzzled. But this is not necessarily a particularly strange thing. Just to ease your mind and show you how to put an end to this situation, we have prepared this short tutorial about weather and other similar alerts.


What’s with these emergency alerts on OnePlus 5

Your question might be entitled but the thing is that these alerts aren’t a particularity of the OnePlus 5 devices alone. Any smartphone can trigger these alerts, as the SMS service is the result of a general cooperation between the service providers and the important government officials, state or local safety agencies, and so on.

From FEMA and the FCC to the Homeland Security or just the National Weather Service, any of these institutions might decide, in exceptional situations, that the population needs to be warned immediately on a particular topic.

The weather alerts will most likely be the common ones, which is why we are going to show you next where you can find the settings for the Presidential, Severe, Extreme, and AMBER alerts. And, of course, how you can get rid of their false alarms by deactivating them.


What you need to do in order to deactivate the OnePlus 5 weather alerts:

  1. Launch your messaging app;
  2. Look for the three dots icon on the top right corner;
  3. Tap on that menu button;
  4. Select the Settings from the context menu;
  5. Browse for the Emergency Alerts and select that entry;
  6. Check the options listed in there and untick the boxes of the alerts that you want to deactivate.


Leave the menus after you have followed the steps from above and you can stop worrying about those weird noises. Your alerts will remain disabled until you decide to activate one of them or all of them once again.

As you might have noticed, you can turn off the weather alert and any other alerts on your One Plus 3, except for the presidential alerts. So, you should no longer wake up at night or get scared whenever the alerts trigger, because it won’t be the case anymore!

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