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OnePlus 6 Black Screen Issue – Solved

A black screen on OnePlus 6 is what it is… Unpleasant and very frustrating, it leaves you pretty much without options. And the worst part? You don’t know what it caused it and you cannot access the phone or the data stored on it. It’s difficult not to worry, but perhaps our solutions from below will help you. Consider them anytime, even when the OnePlus 6 black screen only manifests randomly, but especially if it looks like a permanent situation!


The most professional and stress-free solution

We’d like to start with that one since it will give you the fewest headaches and complications. Normally, when the screen of the OnePlus 6 remains black, there’s little you can do with your non-technical knowledge. So, regardless if you still have the warranty in place or not, the most professional and stress-free solution on how to fix the OnePlus 6 black screen problem is to get technical support. In an authorized repair center, the technicians will be able to determine much easier if there’s any hardware or software damage and what can be done about it.


A potential fix without losing any data and files

If you’d like to give it a go yourself before anything else, wiping the cache might do the trick. That, of course, if the cause of the black screen is a system glitch or overcrowded cache. Basically, you can enter the Recovery Screen by long pressing the Volume Up, Home and Power keys (until you feel a short vibration) and only the Volume Up and Home keys, afterward, until you see the new screen loading. Get to the Wipe Cache Partition menu with the Volume Down button and start it with a press on the Power button. When this is over, the phone will reboot by default.

If you need more detailed explanations, this guide for clearing the OnePlus 6 cache might come in handy.


The clean start that the OnePlus 6 might need to skip the black screen

If wiping the cache has left you in the same unfortunate situation, this ultimate solution, even though will erase your data and files, could make the black screen on OnePlus 6 go away. We’re talking about that reset to the factory settings, which will erase all your phone’s data – here are the details of how to factory reset any OnePlus 6. If you have a recent backup, you will be able to use it but otherwise, it’s all lost.

Don’t feel guilty about it, the outcome could be the same if you were to take your OnePlus 6 to a repair center for this black screen problem.

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