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OnePlus 6 Block Calls For Individuals And Spammers

Smartphones can do all sorts of smart things and help you have an awesome experience, with various options for making calls. But just like yours is letting you make voice and video calls, from the Phone app or from other chat apps, it should also give you the option to block calls on OnePlus 6.

Simply because everybody can call everybody doesn’t mean you’re supposed to put up with it all the time. Do you have a telemarketer or any other kind of spammer who insists on contacting you? Instead of turning off your phone, learn how to block their access to you.

Even though you might see us using the term of “rejection” on OnePlus 6, don’t think for a second that you’re supposed to constantly reject their calls, manually. No, this isn’t the purpose of this article, but on the contrary – to show you what options you have for blocking calls on OnePlus 6. So, speaking of options…

  • You can block unknown callers by default;
  • You can block a specific contact saved on your phone;
  • You can block a phone number, whether you have it in your agenda or not.


Wondering what are the differences between these options? To put it simply, the first one refers to blocking calls that come with a hidden number.

When the phone rings and, on its screen, instead of seeing the actual number or a name (in case it’s a contact you already have in your agenda), you see “Unknown caller”, it means that the caller has intentionally blocked you from seeing his number. So, if you choose to block unknown callers by default, you will never again be bothered by hidden calls, no matter if they’re coming from the same number or from different numbers.

Needless to say, the two other options target numbers that you can clearly see on your phone’s screen. It can be a detailed number, like when you’re getting a call from someone whose number you don’t know and you don’t have it saved, or from one of your contacts.


How To Block Unknown Callers On OnePlus 6?

  1. Go to the Auto Reject list;
  2. Find the Unknown Callers option;
  3. Tap on it and wait for its toggle to switch to On.


How To Block Individual Callers On OnePlus 6?

  1. Go to your Phone’s app call log and identify the call whose number you want to block (it can either be a number or a saved contact);
  2. Next, hit the More button – the one from the top right;
  3. And from there, select to Add to Auto Reject List;
  4. Repeat these steps for any other number/contact from your call log, if there’s more than one person that you need to block.


Also, importantly…

When you learn how to block contacts on OnePlus 6 is essential that you also learn how to access that list with blocked contacts and revise it every now and then. For this purpose, you have the Auto-Reject list, a menu that you can access from the same More button, by going to Settings, at Call Rejection.

When you tap the Auto Reject List on OnePlus 6 submenu from underneath the Call Rejection, you’ll get to see your entire history of blocked contacts. That’s where you can also block new contacts by manually introducing their phone number and, if you really want, where you can unblock specific contacts. That’s pretty much all you need to know about how to block calls on OnePlus 6.

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