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OnePlus 6 Block Calls Guide

If you own the OnePlus smartphone, you might be looking for the method that allows you to block calls on OnePlus 6. These are the calls that come from strange contacts with the intention of telemarketing or even spamming you.

On the OnePlus Smartphone, call blocking is often referred to as “call rejecting”. Therefore, in this document we will also use the term to refer to call blocking on OnePlus 6. Here are the steps that you need to complete to block unwanted calls.


Procedure For Rejecting Calls On OnePlus 6 From All Unknown Contacts

If you have been receiving calls from strange contacts, you might want to know how you can completely block calls on OnePlus 6. Use the “Automatic Call Rejecting” which is the most preferred approach when you don’t want to be receiving calls from certain numbers. On the “Automatic Rejection List” there is the option that allows you to block “unknown callers” from reaching you. To activate call rejection, you should turn the toggle to ON. Once you have done that, then you will no longer be bothered by the unknown callers on OnePlus 6.


Procedure For Blocking Calls On OnePlus 6 That Come From Certain Contact

You might want to OnePlus 6 block calls that come only from a certain contact. Therefore go to the phone application and then select the phone call log. From the call log, search for the number that you want to block. Tap on the “MORE” icon, which is usually on the right corner on the top end. You will see an option that allows you to add the number to automatic reject.


Procedure For Blocking Calls Using The Automatic Rejection List

The OnePlus 6 phone app allows you to block calls that come from unwanted numbers. Tap on the “MORE” button which is usually located on the right corner and then you will see settings. On the list that pops up once you click on the more option, is the “Call Rejection” option. Tap on that option and enter the numbers that you wish to block. If there are numbers that you already added on the list in the past, these numbers will be seen here also.

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