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OnePlus 6 Bluetooth Issues – Solved

Bluetooth problems on OnePlus 6 are not as easy to detect mostly because the Bluetooth is not something you use on a regular basis. But if you have a car and you enjoy connecting your smartphone to it, chances are you’ll notice faster than other users if there’s something wrong with it.

Judging by all the complaints we’re getting, this isn’t a car-related issue in the sense that it can manifest on all kinds of vehicles. Whether it’s Volvo, Toyota, GM or Nissan For, Tesla, Mazda, Volkswagen, Audi or BMW – you name it and there’s a high probability that you will find it difficult to connect your smartphone to it via Bluetooth.

In case you were hoping for a solution from the manufacturer, you will probably remain with the hope. So far, there’s no official statement regarding this issue and, consequently, no official fix. The following tutorial will be, under these circumstances, a simple selection of changes that we’ve noticed that tend to help in this situation.

After discussing with many of our readers, we’ve concluded that the action alone of wiping the Bluetooth data and cache can help you fix OnePlus 6 Bluetooth problems. Since the cache ensures the short-term data storage required for switching between apps, if the smartphone doesn’t seem to connect to the car’s system, it is worth considering a cache refresh, using our clear instructions to clear the cache.


If you want to clear cache and data for your Bluetooth…

  1. You must go to the Settings of the device;
  2. Open up the Application Manager;
  3. Switch to the section of All Tabs;
  4. Select the Bluetooth;
  5. Select Stop forcefully;
  6. Clear the Cache;
  7. Clear the Data;
  8. Confirm with OK and then restart the device.


The next thing you can try after wiping the Bluetooth cache is to wipe the system cache. For this purpose, get ready to switch from the normal running mode to the recovery mode. The exact steps of how to wipe the cache partition are not difficult to follow, though the process could take a bit longer than wiping the Bluetooth cache.

Either way, we trust you will soon enough be able to pair your smartphone with your car’s audio system via Bluetooth. This should fix OnePlus 6 Bluetooth problems with the car!

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