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OnePlus 6 Blurry Pictures Issue – Solved

One of the first things you were probably anxious to test on your new OnePlus 6 was the camera app, wasn’t it? Imagine the surprise of launching this powerful camera, taking some pictures or even a video, only to discover that it’s all blurry and fuzzy pictures on OnePlus 6. Could it really be broken right as you take it out of the box?

Most likely, that isn’t the case. But what many OnePlus 6 new owners overlook is the almost invisible plastic casing from the camera lens. That one comes attached right from the box and it’s so thin and transparent that you really shouldn’t be ashamed if you haven’t noticed it or if you have forgotten to remove it.

You can do it right now and test again. If there’s no visible change, perhaps you should also look into the settings of the camera app for fixing OnePlus 6 blurry pictures.


If your OnePlus 6 camera blurry pictures is happening…

  1. Turn on the smartphone’s screen;
  2. Access the camera app, either from its Lock Screen shortcut or from the Home Screen;
  3. Look at the lower-left corner of the camera’s main window for the Settings menu and access it;
  4. Find the option “Picture Stabilization” and turn it off.


Like we said, the best and easiest way to get rid of fuzzy images or videos on OnePlus 6 camera app is to disable this so-called Picture Stabilization feature. Try it and you won’t regret.

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