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OnePlus 6 Calibrate Compass – Guide

Maybe that you didn’t even know that your OnePlus 6 has a compass, until recently. But now that you’ve found out, it only makes sense that you want to make use of it to the best you can. And from this perspective, the OnePlus 6 compass calibration is of the essence.

Do not worry if you don’t know that either, that’s why you have us. And that’s why we wrote this short tutorial, to teach you exactly how to calibrate compass on OnePlus 6.


When you feel the need to calibrate OnePlus 6 compass…

  1. Turn on the phone’s display;
  2. Close any other app and stop at the Home Screen;
  3. Bring up the Phone app from there;
  4. Switch to its Dial pad;
  5. Type this code: *#0*#;
  6. From the next screen, tap on the “sensor” tile;
  7. Browse all the way to the “Magnetic Sensor”;
  8. Follow the instructions from the screen, moving the device completely, around each of the indicated axes;
  9. Keep moving the compass sensor up until it tells you that it is completely calibrated;
  10. Hit the back button for as many times as necessary to leave this screen and return to the Home Screen.


From now on, you should be confident in using your OnePlus 6 compass, knowing that it is properly calibrated.

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