OnePlus 6: Changing Device Name

Looking for how to change the device name on the OnePlus 6 will most likely not be a priority for you for a long time. But one day, when you’ll try to connect your phone to a PC, or when you’ll try to set up a Bluetooth connection with another device.

it might strike you – the OnePlus 6 seems such a blunt name and even one that is easy to confuse when there are other OnePlus 6 devices around… Is it possible to change it?


To give OnePlus 6 a new name you must:

  1. Unlock the phone;
  2. Get to its Home Screen, at the main Menu;
  3. Bring up the Settings from there;
  4. Browse for and select the submenu for Device Information;
  5. Find the Device Name field;
  6. Select Device Name;
  7. Wait for the pop-up window to extend on the screen and type the new name that you want to use in there.


All these being done, you can close the settings. Rest assured, you have changed the name of OnePlus 6 device. And the first and the easiest place for you to see that new name is when trying to use Bluetooth devices.

In there, whether you want to connect to another device or another device is trying to connect to it, the smartphone will refer to it with the new name that you selected.


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